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Asian girlfriend enjoys her first anal

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Neil had always had a soft spot for Asian women. Back in high school, he dated this cute Korean girl with pigtailed hair and got his first kiss on prom night then couple of years later, he lost his virginity to a chubby Chinese masseuse. He had always found Asian women attractive, that he couldn’t resist talking and hitting on them whenever he sees on around. It was during holiday last year that he met this gorgeous half-Chinese intern and started dating her. Kimberly was unlike any other women he dated. She’s a confident and very charming woman who likes to get treated like a queen and likes be in charge during sex. It was this one time when they got back from a party that he discovered his girlfriend’s kinky side. Neil was about to slip it inside her pussy, when she stopped him and spat on his cock and gently stuffed it inside her butt. Neil was a little surprised but he went along, gently pushing the head inside before he managed to slip every inch inside. He tight ass felt great around his cock that he could barely control himself, but he did his best to get it together. Rocking back and forth, while the girl forcefully rubbing her gristle. After a couple of thrusts, he finally gave up and let himself loose, blowing his load across his girlfriend’s butt.

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