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A sexy vacation to remember

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It was five years ago, but he still remembers it like happened yesterday. Keith and his brothers where in Thailand for the holidays and were staying at this inn owned by old American man who had connections to almost everything. It was him who gave Keith this tip about a bar where you could meet locals and score a one night stand. The bar, which coincidentally was just a couple of blocks to the place where he was staying, wasn’t hard to find. It was a small ‘go go’ bar with a tiny stage and a seating area filled with a number of expats and beautiful bar girls. The moment Keith walked in, he was welcomed by three scantily clad ladies and was escorted into a red couch cramped next to the dancing stage. He ordered drinks and began talking with one of the girls who escorted him. Her name is Paula, a charming and very pretty half-Indian woman wearing a sexy red backless dress who spoke good English, but even more fluent in the language of flirting. After a couple of drinks, they have agreed to bounce and went into this seedy motel just across the street. Keith, still feeling a little buzz from alcohol consumption, was a little worried he might have fallen from a trap but he felt at ease as soon as Paula started stripping out of her dress and took him into the tiny bathroom for a shower. She made him stand under the cold shower, working a lather using her breasts and ass and occasionally tugging his already erect cock. After about ten minutes, she began thoroughly washing the soap off his body and helped him dry himself in bed. It was only a matter of time before they were kissing, with Paula sitting on top of Keith’s lap and rubbing her breasts and pussy all over him. She took his dick and slipped it inside her mouth, swallowing every inch while he began fingering her. Then he made this cute Asian girl straddle his cock, grinding up and down and letting out a long moan the cock slips inside her balls deep. Keith was about to climax when she pulled it out and yanked the condom, then licked his nipples while forcefully milking his cock

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