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Hooking up with the cute Asian waitress

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Having gone through a divorce, Mike felt he needed a fresh start and moved to another state. He found this nice studio type apartment in Koreatown, Los Angeles. It was situated right next to a shopping complex and a diner, where he would regularly go for coffee or take-out. Mike, who has always been introverted and especially after the divorce, have always found it difficult to meet women. He would spend most of the time sitting alone in front of the television or just sit next to his apartment window and watch people go-by. It was one Friday night that he decided to go downstairs to get some fresh air. It was chilly outside, so Mike went inside the diner to order coffee. He started talking casually to the Asian waitress named Susan, who regularly offers him the menu and serves him coffee. She’s a charming young lady in her mid-20s, she’s petite and wearing high heels. They talked about random things and she was a little reserved, but Mike felt they had a connection. He mustered up all his remaining confidence and managed to asked her out on a date. The date arrived and he agreed to pick her up after her shift, then they went to this bar which right across her apartment and later that night, they ended up going back to her place. It’s been months since Mike has had sex and he was a little nervous, but Susan was nice. She made him feel at ease, made him relax on the couch while she got changed then came back wearing a sexy negligee. They started kissing and collapsed on the floor, where he began working his dick with her lips before she straddled on top of him. Mike was a lot taller than her, she looked tiny compared to his six two stature and his cock could barely fit inside her tight slit. He wanted to go slow with her, gently sliding in and out and sucking on her small breasts. Susan has never had sex with a Caucasian guy and came during the first few minutes, but it was when he got on all fours that Mike loosen himself and blow his load across her round Asian ass.

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